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Industrial adhesive tapes are used in almost all industries. Because they offer a number of advantages that save costs and time or enables designs.

CMC Klebetechnik - manufacturer and developer of adhesive tape - has been producing adhesive tapes in Germany for over 60 years. These are mainly used in electrical engineering (insulating tape, UL file E93622 according to UL 510 and IEC 60454). In addition, most tapes can also be used in other applications and industries. For example polyester adhesive tapes for covering, PTFE adhesive tapes as a sliding surface, Kapton adhesive tapes for high temperature applications and electroconductive metal adhesive tapes. New developments and innovations continuously complement our range of adhesive tapes and die-cut parts.

The adhesive tapes are available in widths from 0.8 mm to 1.000 mm. Customized presentations are possible at any time. Customer-specific developments are carried out regularly for different customers.

Choose your product from over 200 CMC types. Your personal contact person will assist you with the selection. No suitable product is available for your application? Then we support you in finding and implementing your specific solution.

Technical films and adhesive tapes

Technical films and adhesive tapes

Basic materials

Adhesive tape systems offer a huge potential for rationalising work processes in industry. Making the right choice of carrier material and adhesive for the application is important. We help you to choose the right adhesive tape for your application.

 Kapton - Kapton®

 Polyester - Mylar® und Hostaphan®


 other basic materials

Technical films and adhesive tapes


Whether double-sided, electrically insulating or extremely adhesive. We offer a wide variety of special adhesive tape solutions for your application. Discover e.g. our thermally conductive materials, which are used for effective heat sink in electronic components.

 Electrically insulating

 Thermally conductive

 More applications

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Thermal Classes

On the basis of high-quality insulation films, we offer a variety of different adhesive tapes for the different insulation classes / heat classes E, B, F and H. Our adhesive tapes are therefore suitable for applications from 120 ° C to 180 ° C continuous use temperature.

 Thermal Class E up to 120°C

 Thermal Class B up to 130°C

 Thermal Class F up to 155°C

 Thermal Class H up to 180°C