Temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tape

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There are a huge number of double-sided adhesive tapes on the market. Specialised tapes are available for a wide range of applications from frozen foods to paper handkerchiefs, from low-strength to high-strength adhesive for construction bonding. However, only a few are able to offer the highest temperature resistance.

The two products CMC 70752 and CMC 70097 on the other hand, have one thing above all – very good temperature resistance of up to 180°C in continuous use. The heat-resistant double-sided adhesive tape CMC 70752 can even withstand temperatures of up to 350°C for several hours.

In both tapes the adhesive layers are backed with a Kapton(r) polyimide film from DuPont that has been tried and tested for decades. They combine high dielectric strength with extreme temperature resistance.

The temperature-resistant double-sided adhesive tape CMC 70097 is coated on both sides with a strong, temperature-resistant pure acrylic adhesive. These adhesives are characterised specifically by their ageing resistance and chemical resistance. We use only solvent adhesives for production, so under-water use is also possible. Acrylic adhesives have a particularly high adhesive strength and are used for permanent bonding.

All of the properties of the heat-resistant double-sided adhesive tape CMC 70752 have been further improved. By using a polysiloxane adhesive, the tape even adheres to repellent surfaces such as PE, PP, PA or even PTFE. The adhesive is extremely resistant to chemicals and can be used at temperatures as low as -60°C. It remains permanently elastic and can be removed from most surfaces without leaving any residue, even after exposure to high temperatures. Its particular strength is its high temperature resistance of up to 350°C.

Bonding of silicones and other difficult-to-bond surfaces

CMC 70752 is ideal for bonding repellent surfaces (low energy surfaces) such as silicones or fluoropolymers. It is typically used in resistance heater equipment with silicone coatings (e.g. pipe trace heaters). The backing film does not shrink even at high temperatures and the adhesive remains permanently elastic. This means that the elasticity of the bonded silicone components is also maintained.

Both high-temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tapes are only about a tenth of a millimetre thick. The two products CMC 70097 and CMC 70752 therefore provide you with two adhesive tapes for high temperature resistance and, at the same time, low thickness.

Kapton CMC 70752 and CMC 70097 - very good heat-resistant double-sided adhesive tape.

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Comparison of the temperature-resistant double-sided adhesive tapes CMC 70097 and CMC 70752

Kapton adhesive tape CMC 70097Kapton adhesive tape CMC 70752
Backing materialKapton® HN (Polyimid)
Kapton® HN (Polyimid)
Substrate thickness in mm
0,025 ± 17% 
0,025 ± 17% 
Total thickness in mm 
0,060 ± 15%
0,060 ± 15%
Type of adhesive 
Adhesive strength in N/cm according to internal method PV 1006-32 (180° peel from steel)
≥ 2
≥ 2
Temperature performance (max.) in °C
Short term temperature performance in °C (ca. 1 hour) 
Insulation class according to IEC 60085
Breakdown voltage based on IEC 60243-1 in Veff.
≥ 6.000
ca. 7.000
Tensile strength in N/cm 
ca. 40 - 60≥ 40
Elongation at break in %
ca. 40 - 70≥ 40
LinerSilicone paper, yellow, double-sided (CMC 29094)
double-sided siliconized polyester 

RoHS compliant
REACh compliant
RoHS compliant
REACh compliant


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