Shieldex® Cinta de cobre

Shieldex® Copper-Tape - Protection for door handles and handle surfaces against viruses - antiviral, antibacterial

Shieldex® Antiviral Copper-Tape

Shieldex® Copper-Tape - Protection for door handles and handle surfaces against viruses - antiviral, antibacterial

Hydrogen Technology for a Decarbonised Future

CMC Klebetechnik offers a very thin, adhesive coated PEN film for bonding the functional membranes in fuel cells and PEM electrolysers.

RFID – flexible adhesive solutions for smart labels

Reliable, surface-specific adhesives for RFID smart labels from CMC Klebetechnik. The range of applications for smart labels are as diverse as the substrates these smart RFID stickers can be applied to. CMC Klebetechnik offer a wide range of adhesives suitable for this.

Fuel cells – a solution for mobility and alternative energy with films from CMC Klebetechnik

The first hydrogen-powered car, NECAR, was launched in 1994. The launch put Daimler some 25 years ahead of its time, but subsequently research in this area slowed enormously. But with the changes in energy policy and the global CO2 targets, fuel cells are becoming popular once again. CMC Klebetechnik is well-positioned to take advantage of this change.

The fifth building material

Maintenance of ETFE constructions (maintenance des verrières gonflables en ETFE )

Repair tape for ETFE film greenhouses

The currently available films and structures, such as the Venlo wide span greenhouse, make high-performance, long-lasting film greenhouses a possibility. Covering a high-quality greenhouse with film can also bring benefits when it comes to energy. EFTE’s high levels of transparency across the whole PAR range allow you to create conditions that are particularly “plant friendly”.

The fifth building material - Maintenance of ETFE constructions

As alternative for glass, ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is often used to form pneumatic structures of "cushions".

The future of the power supply will be DC

A provocative and still visionary statement - at the beginning of 2018. But the first steps in this direction have already been taken several years ago.

Material suitability for electrical insulation

There are certain rules for insulation materials used in low voltage applications.

Insulation for circular solutions

Sometimes a special form of insulation is required to insulate something reliably and quickly. Coloprint tech-films GmbH has a range of insulation sleeves: circular solutions for circular insulation tasks.

Increase service life – partial discharge-resistant tapes

Recently there has been an increased demand for the use of insulation materials that have good PD behaviour. This applies in particular to devices in the field of solar energy and e-mobility, with high requirements in terms of reliability and service life.

ETrepPADs repair pads

Films for the architecture sector – ETFE adhesive tapes

Opt for the highest quality. The ageing-resistant ETFE film and weatherproof, transparent adhesive reduce maintenance costs to a minimum and will therefore increase customers’ confidence in you over the long term. The durable ETFE adhesive tape is more cost-effective than most alternative solutions. This means that you will win more contracts and your applications will be more successful. And the width you or your customers require is always available.