ETrepPADs repair pads
for building envelopes and architectural films
16 October, 2017 by
ETrepPADs repair pads
CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

Fluoroplastic films have been exposed to natural and artificial weathering tests for over 30 years. In the process, these films have demonstrated that use over such a long period has no significant effect on their usability. This is why more and more film structures like the Allianz arena in Munich have been built over the last 10 years.

Although this ETFE film remains impervious to the weather, damage is usually unavoidable. Damage to the thin film skin by birds, in particular, frequently makes repairs necessary. The film roofs are perforated by the birds’ beaks as they look for food or water, or just play around. These small holes then create permanent leaks with all of the attendant consequences, such as higher operating costs or even damage from water penetration.

ETrepPADs are made from ET-Nowofol film from Nowofol, which has been tried and tested throughout the world. They are available in various sizes and are a cost-effective alternative to film welding or even module replacement, for example.

Even in inaccessible places (under the roofing, on vertical surfaces), they are relatively easy to work with and expensive climbing and assembly time can be saved.

ETrepPADs are made from the same permanently weather-resistant and non-yellowing material as the CMC 77701 adhesive tape.

Instructions for use:

With the aid of the repair pads (available in various sizes), minor damage to ETFE film cushions can be repaired. The pads have rounded corners to prevent them from coming away again. The pads can be stuck in place with the carrier film without touching the adhesive surface. This increases the life of the adhesion and prevents sub-surface migration because of dirty adhesive surfaces during assembly.

Fold the carrier film back with a small radius and push the label over this edge. The ETrepPAD is then released from the carrier.

You can then gently press on the ETFE pad to achieve a clean, crease-free adhesion – even in difficult conditions.

Cleaning the surface before adhesion with oil-free cleaning alcohol, acetone or isopropanol, for example, is recommended. Allow the cleaning agent to evaporate!

ETrepPAD 50x50 = 50 mm x 50 mm (other sizes on request)

ETrepPAD Reparaturpads
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