Insulation for circular solutions
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Insulation for circular solutions
CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

Sometimes a special form of insulation is required to insulate something reliably and quickly. Coloprint tech-films GmbH has a range of insulation sleeves: circular solutions for circular insulation tasks.

Unlike shrinkage tubes, these insulation sleeves are characterised by high mechanical stability. They also have excellent resistance to cuts.

With a two and three-layer structure, they have outstanding dielectric strength that meets the relevant standards.

The insulation tubes are made by gluing together individual layers in a spiral shape. The three-layer structure ensures that there are always two layers of insulation material, even at the joints. Narrow tolerances can be achieved with very precise production. Insulation tubes are usually used where traditional insulation reaches its limits.

The insulation tubes are made from UL-listed materials such as Mylar, Nomex and Kapton. They thus cover the whole temperature range from E to H and designers can therefore use them in high-performance motors and transformers.

As a special feature, there are also versions that can be set to shrink. These can be shrunk with hot air, for example, and then reliably enclose the area to be insulated with a very clearly defined thickness. The film structure means that the material thickness is not reduced at the joints, as is the case with polyolefin tubes.

Applications for such sleeves are highly varied – and are not always electrical in nature.


The sleeves can also be used as heat insulation, protection against caustic chemicals and in medical technology as particularly inert and easy to clean surfaces (fluoropolymers).

But the sleeves are mostly used as electrical insulation and mechanical protection in electric motors and transformers. With the additional option of coloured marking, the cable end sleeves in 3-phase motors can be labelled, for example. The poles of battery sets can also be marked to prevent incorrect polarity. Or if sensor electronics require accommodation in (circular) housings with extremely narrow tolerances and with reliable insulation. Coils over wire outlets in transformers are protected by sleeves of this sort to protect against mechanical damage.

The Nomex, Kapton or Mylar sleeves are made with diameters of 1.6 mm to 210 mm and lengths from a few millimetres up to 1,000 mm. Depending on the material, the wall thickness can be anything from just 0.023 mm to 2.0 mm. The wide range of variants reflects the variety of possible applications.

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