NEW: Shieldex® Copper-Tape Flex
Shieldex® copper tape for protection against viruses and bacteria on door handles and handle surfaces is now available in a new format.
28 October, 2020 by
NEW: Shieldex® Copper-Tape Flex
CMC Klebetechnik GmbH

The Shieldex® copper tape FLEX can be used like a tennis racket tape and can therefore be easily applied to all types of grip.

The new format of the copper tape is 10 meters long and 2 cm wide. With these dimensions, the Shieldex® copper tape FLEX can be used in a versatile and customer-specific manner. It hugs any handle surface and can be neatly attached to curves and various shapes. This avoids unsightly wrinkles.

Thanks to the special adhesive, the Shieldex® copper tape FLEX adheres to all smooth and metallic surfaces and also to the Shieldex® copper tape itself.

However, it is not recommended to use it on other textiles as the adhesive does not adhere optimally.

Shieldex® copper tape - protection for door handles and handle surfaces against viruses - antiviral, antibacterial.

All further information on the application and effectiveness of the Shieldex copper tape can be found here.

NEW: Shieldex® copper tape cleaner - against oxidation, for all Shieldex® copper tape Surfaces suitable, including microfiber cloth, 300 ml pump spray

NEW: Shieldex® Copper-Tape Flex

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Patrick Süß

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Safety Instructions

Our polyamide and polyester textiles are metallized with pure copper. Various international studies have shown a significant reduction in the survival time of viruses, bacteria and fungi on copper surfaces. Since our Copper-Tape has a significantly increased copper ion release compared to solid copper, however, permanent contact with the skin is not recommended. This product serves as a supplementary measure and does not replace hygiene measures such as regular, thorough hand washing or hand disinfection.

  • Caution! Keep away from power sources – Product is electrically conductive .

  • Caution! Contains small parts that can be swallowed, danger of suffocation! Keep out of reach of children

  • Avoid eye contact

  • Do not swallow, do not put in mouth

  • Copper can cause allergic reactions

  • Color change is normal (oxidation)

  • Caution! Product is flammable, keep away from fire

Care instructions

Regularly remove superficial dirt from the copper tape with a soft brush. In the case of very heavy soiling that can no longer be removed, we recommend replacing it with a replacement tape in order to restore optimal effectiveness. The oxidation of copper is a natural process.

NEW: Shieldex® copper tape cleaner - against oxidation, for all Shieldex® copper tape Surfaces suitable, including microfiber cloth, 300 ml pump spray

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