RFID – flexible adhesive solutions for smart labels
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RFID – flexible adhesive solutions for smart labels
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RFID technology has already been used for some time in industry as a track-and-trace aid. This contactless radio technology is well suited to flexibly identifying workpiece carriers, machine parts, and end products, and it can be used for access control and as an information repository. One of the prerequisites for using RFID technology is that RFID tags can be reliably attached.

RFID technology makes it possible to guarantee complete traceability or to ensure lifetime management for tools or transport containers, for example. 

No direct visual contact is needed to read the data, which considerably simplifies the component/goods guidance through the reading area. In addition, there is no danger of the print becoming illegible due to dirt or abrasion.

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Some benefits of RFID tags in industry

  • Product carriers for autoclaves – high reliability even under harsh conditions

  • Error-free identification of machine parts

  • Secure authorisation control via RFID card

  • Unique identification of pallets

  • Reliable container control in intralogistics

  • Detection and identification of transport trays

  • Production control by recording RFID-tagged assemblies

  • Clear marking of cables and pipelines

  • Tagging of end products for surveillance of goods and information storage

  • Logging product life-cycle journal for the purpose of evidence

  • Continuous inventory for production management, warehouse control and accounting

  • Marking items such as rental bicycles for payment systems

  • IoT data can be transferred autonomously or database-supported

Many RFID transponders are inserted directly into products (e.g. into vehicle tyres) or are mechanically attached, e.g. by screwing them on. In addition, RFID tags can also be glued in place. 

These “smart labels” have identical functionality, but can also be affixed very easily. A strong adhesive film fixes the intelligent labels to a wide range of substrates.

Reliable, surface-specific adhesives for RFID smart labels from CMC Klebetechnik

The range of applications for smart labels are as diverse as the substrates these smart RFID stickers can be applied to. CMC Klebetechnik offer a wide range of adhesives suitable for this.

One distinguishes here between transfer adhesive films and films with a supporting carrier (double-sided adhesive tapes). The transfer adhesive can be laminated to the RFID carrier film during label production. In the subsequent die-cutting process, the end product is the self-adhesive label. Double-sided adhesive tape is processed in an almost identical way, making specialisation still possible in this case. While one side adheres well to the RFID tag (e.g. a plastic disc), the other adhesive side can be customised to repellent surfaces, for example. Read antennas (RFID readers) can, of course, also be equipped with self-adhesive technology.

Transfer adhesive films are more suitable for roll goods. Double-sided adhesive tapes are also suitable as die-cut parts, which can only be subsequently applied to an RFID carrier (discs, stickers, fobs, etc).

RFID – flexible adhesive solutions for smart labels

Adhesive tapes suitable for RFID applications

CMC 15581
​Transfer Adhesive Tape
Colour: colourless
Substrate Thickness: - 
Total Thickness: 0,050 mm
Adhesive: Acrylate
Strong adhesive transfer tape, for bonding on smooth surfaces, also suitable for low-energy surfaces
CMC 12096
Film: Polyester (PET)
Colour: colourless
Substrate Thickness: 0,012 mm
Total Thickness: 0,210 mm
Adhesive: Acrylate / Acrylate
Double-sided adhesive tape, suitable for rough surfaces, good adhesion even on LSE surfaces
CMC 10718
​Film: Polyester (PET) 
Colour: colourless
Substrate Thickness: 0,023 mm 
Total Thickness: 0,115 mm
Adhesive: Acrylate/ Acrylate
Good instant adhesion and good shear resistance, very resistant to aging
CMC 12064
​Film: Polyester (PET) 
Colour: colourless
Substrate Thickness: 0,012 mm 
Total Thickness: 0,092 mm
Adhesive: Acrylate/ Acrylate

Double sided polyester tape with permanently high adhesive strength on both sides. 

CMC 12100
​Film: Polyester (PET) 
Colour: green
Substrate Thickness: 0,050 mm 
Total Thickness: 0,145 mm
Adhesive: ​Acrylate / Polysiloxane

Double sided tape for splicing applications. One side of the substrate is coated with a green polysiloxane adhesive with high initial tack. On the other side ther is an acrylic adhesive which still provides good anchorage to low energy surfaces and which will cure further after exposure to heat.

CMC 10430
Film: Polyester (PET)
Colour: transparent
Substrate Thickness: 0,023 mm
Total Thickness: 0,125 mm
Adhesive: Polysiloxane / Polysiloxane
Double-sided adhesive tape, suitable for adhesion on siliconized surfaces.
CMC 15240
silicone transfer adhesive
Colour: colourless
Total thickness: 0,100 mm
Adhesive: Polysiloxane

silicone adhesive film without carrier, resistant to moisture, weather and chemicals. Can be used over a wide temperature range. Good adhesion even on low-energy surfaces.

Of course, all types of adhesives are also suitable for other short-distance technologies:

  • SAW (ultrasound-based)

  • ORM (optically readable media such as barcodes, 1D and 2D codes, QR, etc.)

  • BLE (low energy radio technology up to 100 m range)

  • NFC (RFID-comparable short-range communication)

  • UWB (indoor positioning, mostly via WiFi)

For special use cases that involve high chemical resistance or high temperatures, CMC Klebetechnik offers suitable adhesives and label-protection films. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to advise you.

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