The fifth building material

Maintenance of ETFE constructions (maintenance des verrières gonflables en ETFE )

Repair tape for ETFE film greenhouses

The currently available films and structures, such as the Venlo wide span greenhouse, make high-performance, long-lasting film greenhouses a possibility. Covering a high-quality greenhouse with film can also bring benefits when it comes to energy. EFTE’s high levels of transparency across the whole PAR range allow you to create conditions that are particularly “plant friendly”.

The fifth building material - Maintenance of ETFE constructions

As alternative for glass, ethyltetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is often used to form pneumatic structures of "cushions".

ETrepPADs repair pads

Films for the architecture sector – ETFE adhesive tapes

Opt for the highest quality. The ageing-resistant ETFE film and weatherproof, transparent adhesive reduce maintenance costs to a minimum and will therefore increase customers’ confidence in you over the long term. The durable ETFE adhesive tape is more cost-effective than most alternative solutions. This means that you will win more contracts and your applications will be more successful. And the width you or your customers require is always available.