Temperature resistant double-sided adhesive tape

There are a huge number of double-sided adhesive tapes on the market. Specialised tapes are available for a wide range of applications from frozen foods to paper handkerchiefs, from low-strength to high-strength adhesive for construction bonding. However, only a few are able to offer the highest temperature resistance.

Adhesive tapes for the production of solar modules

CMC Klebetechnik offers various adhesive tapes for the production of solar modules. For affixation of connection boxes, for frame adhesion or for protection.

Fuel cells – a solution for mobility and alternative energy with films from CMC Klebetechnik

The first hydrogen-powered car, NECAR, was launched in 1994. The launch put Daimler some 25 years ahead of its time, but subsequently research in this area slowed enormously. But with the changes in energy policy and the global CO2 targets, fuel cells are becoming popular once again. CMC Klebetechnik is well-positioned to take advantage of this change.