Customized Film Coating 

Customized Solutions

CMC Klebetechnik is an efficient, professional partner when it comes to designing and implementing customised solutions. We understand your requirements and translate them into products and processes in a professional way. This means professional solutions for you under one roof. Although there is a very wide range of existing combinations of film, fabric or paper with (adhesive) coatings, a customised solution can play an important part in making a product marketable or manufacturing it in the first place.

Competent Consulting

Optimal adjustment of a product to your processing technology leads to a reduction in costs and thus to a crucial competitive advantage for your company. The option to use solvent and dispersion adhesives and flexible coating systems with low set-up costs offers more opportunities than with a specialist coater.

Here you can find our Basic Conditions for Contract Coating.

Why customers outsource production

  • No in-house development capacity
  • Overcoming bottlenecks
  • System technology not available or unsuitable
  • Concentration on one's own core competence

Other coaters even exploit the opportunities as there is frequently no competition (other customers, other markets, other technology).

We offer customers extensive opportunities to implement customised solutions with our range of coating systems and decades of experience. Whether you want to provide a new film with a standard coating or apply a new coating mass to an existing film, our development department will help you with the formulation of the coating mass (and our options are not restricted to just one type of adhesive).
The initial stages of development can be carried out on a pilot coating system before manufacturing begins on the full production systems, in order to provide optimised conditions even for the first trial coating.

Our services

  • Several flexible coating systems
  • A multitude of standard products
  • Our own development department
  • Sound technical advice and project support
  • Customised development and production
  • Quality production in Germany
  • Individual advice, flexibility
  • Customer-focused approach (to the benefit of the customer)
  • Flexibility in the design of product make-up (length, width, packaging units)
  • Consistency of price and performance
  • Reliable quality
  • Partner for large industry and medium-sized companies (open to any batch sizes)
  • Collaboration with reputable suppliers from the international industrial chemicals sector
  • Experience in materials and applications
  • Specialist advice (including on site, not just catalogue sales)
  • IMDS, RoHS, UL, IEC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Coating is our passion

For more than 50 years, CMC has been coating adhesive films in the roll-to-roll process. We have always listened attentively to what our customers really need. We use this knowledge and experience today to be your competent partner in the field of coatings.

On two modern coating systems, we apply functionalization to films and fabrics at speeds of 4 m / min to 50 m / min up to 1,900 mm wide. The coating systems are supplemented by a number of cutting and punching systems.

For high-quality coatings and high application volumes, the minimum possible speeds are used. For less problematic products and low application rates, however, one can coat at higher speeds. This high flexibility allows CMC to handle small and large projects economically.

Here you can find out more about the principle of coating.

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Coating Technology

Two coating systems are available for water-based and solvent-based coatings. Application weights can be coated between approx. 6 gr / m² and 2000 gr / m² - up to 1,900 mm width. A three-stage development process for contract coatings is usually the result: in the development phase, the first co-ordinates are made from the first DIN A4 samples as required. Here one can determine the later coating parameters or carry out product optimizations. Then, on success, first samples are produced on the large-scale coating units. Our experienced employees will accompany you - from the initial consultation to serial production. Take part when your own product is created: you are welcome to visit us.

Pilot coater coatings (laboratory channel)

Coating using the pilot coater makes it possible to produce large sample volumes in conditions close to those of production. The parameters can be changed more quickly on the pilot coater and different settings can therefore be tested. This significantly reduces the risk of mistakes in development at relatively low cost.

  • The maximum dimensions for the material are a width of 300 mm and an outside roll diameter of approx. 250 mm.
  • The system is operated by our highly trained laboratory personnel, the test is supported throughout and its results documented internally to make it possible to reproduce the same tests.
  • The costs are met by the customer in accordance with a quotation. This also applies in the event of a failure.

Main Coating System

Depending on the equipment, solvent or water-based systems can be used. The maximum width is between 1.50 m and 1.90 m.

The parameters actually required for series coating are determined on the main coating systems. Only with this data is it possible to make a final calculation of the costs of coating.

The first trial coating on the main systems may involve a higher rate of wastage before the correct parameters are found. In vary rare cases, it may be necessary to abort the trial. The costs incurred must still be met, however.

  • ​Application thickness: Depending on the coating system, approx. 8 µm - 60 µm, with 100% systems up to 2,000 µm

  • Application method: Roll doctor, comma blade, striped coatings also possible

  • ​Width: Depending on the system, min. approx. 500 mm to max. 1900 mm

  • ​Carrier Thickness: Depending on material, from approx. 6 µm to approx. 1 mm

  • Type of coating mass: Solvent-based, dispersion, 100% system, 2K system

  • ​Type of drying: ​​Hot air under atmospheric conditions or under nitrogen (inert)

  • Maximum temperature: up to 155 °C (also for cross-linking)

  • Surface activation: Corona pre-treatment

  • Other options: Separation into several rolls, lamination, lining with siliconised films/paper

The key parameters that determine the cost of a coating process are:

  • Width of the product to be coated

  • Quantity (small quantity, high set-up costs)

  • Speed at which application can be completed (application amount, solvent)

  • Number of coating passes (double-sided = 2 coating passes)

  • Type of carrier and coating mass, if not supplied

  We take our responsibility for the environment seriously: All our solvents are either recovered (extraction by freezing) or decomposed by thermal oxidation (RNV).Our systems are technically designed to work in a wide range of applications and to cope with a wide variety of carrier materials and solvent systems. Our systematic approach ensures a professional, flexible and goal-oriented work for your benefit during development and production.