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Double-sided adhesive tape

used to join, balance, damp and laminate and much more

The double-sided adhesive tapes (double-sided adhesive tapes) offered by CMC are used for a wide range of applications. They are used for joining, leveling, damping and laminating, also for self-adhesive finishing of foils, felts, foams, rubber and papers. They are excellent as double-sided mounting tapes.  Double-sided tape is always dispensed in the required amount (unlike liquid adhesives) and is very easy to use. In series production, you can save time and costs, especially when the double-sided adhesive tapes are processed as die-cut parts. With partially and fully automated dispensing equipment ( adhesive tape dispenser), considerably shorter cycle times can be achieved than with other fastening methods.

In the industrial environment, there are countless possible applications for double-sided adhesive tape. That is why there are so many different adhesive tapes from CMC Klebetechnik. For example, specialized adhesives for low-energy surfaces as well as adhesive tapes for temperatures up to 350°C at short notice.

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Double-sided adhesive tape

Layered Structure

Layered Structure Double-sided Adhesive Tape

  • A - Silicone paper/silicone. PET film

  • B - Adhesive 1

  • C - Substrate/ carrier film

  • D - Adhesive 2

Our double-sided adhesive tapes and transfer tapes 

Double-sided adhesive tapes versus transfer adhesive tapes

CMC Klebetechnik manufactures two different types of double-sided adhesive products. Double-sided adhesive tapes use a carrier to which adhesive is applied on both sides. Transfer tapes, on the other hand, are pure adhesive films without a backing. They are applied, for example, to siliconized paper as an auxiliary backing. 

Double-sided adhesive tapes

have a carrier and are therefore

  • mechanically stable

  • easy to process e.g. for small punched parts

  • can be used up to the maximum temperature for the carrier (e.g. PET up to 130°C)

  • can also be coated with two different types of adhesive (e.g. weak-strong adhesive or acrylate-polysiloxane adhesive)

Transfer adhesive tapes

have no backing and are therefore

  • very flexible and elastic

  • very well adaptable to curved surfaces

  • can only be processed together with the liner (e.g. siliconized paper)

  • ideal for self-adhesive finishing of materials (also nonwovens etc.)

  • limited in their temperature resistance only by the adhesive itself

Advantages of double-sided adhesive tapes

  • Easy processing without the use of tools, precise dispensing without waste

  • Bonding of very different materials (thermal expansion; e.g. glass and plastics)

  • Low-stress bonding, as bonding is over a large area and not at specific points

  • Bonding of very thin materials also possible

  • Thicker double-sided adhesive tapes can be bonded to rough surfaces, compensate for unevenness and absorb enormous shear and tensile forces

  • Double-sided adhesive tapes can also be used as seals and dampen mechanical vibrations

  • Invisible connection (different from screwing or welding)

  • Protection against corrosion due to insulating, sealing layer

  • No curing times as with liquid adhesives

  • No outgassing of chemicals

  • Removability if desired (non-permanent bonding)

  • Tolerance compensation during assembly, compensation for thermal expansion

Notes on the types of adhesives: 

  • Polysiloxane: high temperature- and ageing resistance, permanently elastic

  • Acrylate: high adherence and good ageing resistance

  • Rubber: good initial adhesion, removable

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Application examples for double-sided adhesive tapes

Construction and subcontracting industry

mounting tape, fastening of outdoor signs, replacement of screwing, mechanical fixation, bonding in the field of doors, windows, glass partitions, lifts, furniture, soundproofing, visual protection, bonding of strips in the furniture industry

Household appliances

bonding in the field of refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, dishwashers

Printing and paper industry

splicing tapes, reel change, process reliability, endless making


Industrial plants, automotive engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft construction, lighting industry, trade fair and interior design, mechanical engineering


Trim strips, cable ducts, hooks, assembly of ABS parts, endless bonding of aluminum sheets, roll closure adhesive tape, self-adhesive finishing of plastic profiles, self-adhesive finishing of rubber molds, bonding of painted wood, glass, metals, painted surfaces, many plastics, metal bonding, bonding of add-on parts, fastening of junction boxes, mirror adhesive tape