Construction of an adhesive tape

Successful usage of an adhesive tape depends on several factors. In order for you to find the optimum CMC adhesive tape for your application, several factors must be taken into account:

  • Base Material / Substrate

  • Adhesive type

  • Surface to be bonded, constitution

  • Technical requirements such as UV resistance, weathering, temperatures, abrasion, etc.

Aufbau eines Klebebandes von CMC

Base Material/ Substrate

For most one and two-sided adhesive tapes, the base is the actual functional layer. The material used brings mechanical stability, electric insulation or chemical resistance to the adhesive tape "system". Our Products...

  • Fabric: Acetate silk fabric, fibreglass

  • Paper: Electric crepe paper

  • Films: Mylar® and Hostaphan® (PET), Teonex® (PEN), Nomex® (meta aramide paper), Kapton® (PI), PTFE, Makrofol® (PC), Aptiv™ (PEEK), Formex® (PP), etc.

  • Metals: copper, tin-plated copper, aluminium, lead, (on request also: steel, zinc, tin)

  • Transfer: Acrylic adhesive films

  • Foam: PE-foam


Here you will find detailed information on the various types of adhesives as well as further information on bonding. hier.

  • Acrylic

  • Rubber

  • Polysiloxane

  • Hot seal adhesives

  • Hot melt

  • Liners