Lead Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes based on lead are used in electroplating as adhesive masking tape that can be moulded easily to angled surfaces. And metallic adhesive tapes based on tin foil, zinc and stainless steel have their own specific applications.

Lead adhesive tape for galvanic surface finishers and chrome platers

It is not possible to comply with the RoHS Directive with this adhesive tape – but it is a reliable covering material for electrolytic coating. CMC 15015 lead adhesive tape from CMC Klebetechik is an easily mouldable adhesive tape for protecting areas prior to electroplating. This relatively thin lead tape (0.125 mm lead foil) can be stretched and compressed so that is moulds to even complex surfaces. The edges should be well abraded to prevent sub-surface migration. A silicone-free acrylic adhesive with good chemical resistance is used and is ideal for use in acidic and alkaline baths (e.g. chrome, nickel, copper, for passivation, anodising). CMC 15015 lead adhesive tape is also easy to punch and has good solvent resistance – all in all a rounded solution for electroplating companies.

CMC supplies metallic adhesive tapes (copper adhesive tapes, aluminium adhesive tapes, lead adhesive tapes) for electrical connections, as heat dissipation or to make (gas-proof) vapour barriers. The metallic adhesive tapes are available with and without electrically conductive adhesives. Customised products (e.g. steel foil adhesive tapes) are available.

In electronics, mechanical engineering, air-conditioning technology, electroplating – anywhere where adhesive metallic foils are required to carry out a wide range of tasks.

At CMC Klebetechnik, such metal foils are coated with effective, high-tack adhesives. Customised roll widths or the use of punched parts allows the best possible utilisation of these products.

CMC Klebetechnik supplies Copper Adhesive Tapes and Aluminium Adhesive Tapes from an extensive standard range. Other metallic foils are procured as required and can be made adhesive. Minimum quantities depend on the price required, the material and the available suppliers. Ask us about your product!

Lead Adhesive Tapes
Thermal class
Properties and Applications

CMC 15015
Lead Adhesive Tape
Substrate Thickness: 0,125 mm
Total Thickness: 0,195 mm
Temperature Performance max.) up to 180°C
Flexible lead foil coated on one side with acrylic adhesive. The product is optimized for clean removability. Suitable for use in randiation protection and in electroplating.
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