CMC makes double-sided adhesive tapes (double adhesive tape) for a wide range of applications. Double-sided adhesive tapes are used to join, balance, damp and laminate, and to make film, felt, foam and paper self-adhesive.

Please note that both the carrier and the adhesive of each adhesive tape have been developed for different applications. We will be happy to help you to select an appropriate adhesive tape. For more Information please call our Contact Person.  

Layered Structure

Layered Structure Double-sided Adhesive Tape

  • A - Silicone paper/silicone. PET film

  • B - Adhesive 1

  • C - Substrate/ carrier film

  • D - Adhesive 2

Adhesive Types: 

  • Polysiloxane: high temperature- and ageing resistance, permanently elastic

  • Acrylate: high adherence and good ageing resistance

  • Rubber: good initial adhesion, removable

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CMC 15240 silicone transfer adhesive

The thin layer of adhesive with no carrier is applied to a repellent carrier. If this combination is then laminated onto a film, the glue transfers to its surface. When the protective liner (carrier) is pulled off, the adhesive remains on the film surface: the self-adhesive film is then ready for making adhesive punched parts, for example. It is usually not possible to apply an adhesive of this sort to a repellent surface (silicone, polyolefins, fluoropolymers) because the adhesion force is not sufficient on the repellent material.

CMC Klebetechnik offers a polysiloxane transfer adhesive film for difficult surfaces of this sort. The adhesive also adheres to low-energy surfaces and even transfers reliably to films such as ETFE (Hostaflon, Nowofol ET).

CMC 15240 is a 40 µm-thick silicone transfer adhesive on a transparent carrier film. The adhesive also has very good thermal resistance up to a continuous temperature of 200 °C (250 °C also possible depending on the situation).

CMC 15240 the solution for self-adhesive finishing of difficult surfaces and at high temperature loads!