ETFE Repair Tape and ETFE-Repair-Set

Films made from the high-performance plastic ETFE have been favorites in the architecture industry for years. This light, highly transparent material enables building envelopes and roofs that would be difficult to achieve with glass. So it's no wonder that there are more and more applications for ETFE foils in architecture worldwide. However, this also increases the need for simple maintenance options.

CMC Klebetechnik produces technical adhesive tapes from the extremely durable film, which stick permanently even to the repellent surface of ETFE.

Available in individual roll formats and as die cuts / kiss cuts.

Areas of applications:

  • as a repair for cracks, punctures

  • for gluing and sealing

  • as abrasion protection (ETFE adhesive tapes up to 300 µm thickness possible)

  • to reinforce

  • as a thickening in keder rails and piping rails

  • for fastening shading possibilities (printed ETFE foils can be made self-adhesive)

  • for attaching flexible solar modules

  • as a drip off aid

  • easy installation of penetrations (e.g. exhaust and supply air ducts)

ETFE Repair Tape and ETFE-Repair-Set

ETFE Adhesive tapes from CMC

  • CMC 77700, one-sided ETFE tape. wrapped on itself

  • CMC 77701, one-sided ETFE adhesive tape with protective cover on the adhesive, easy to cut with scissors / knife

  • CMC 77703, double-sided ETFE adhesive tape with protective cover, easy to cut


NEW development:  CMC 77735 Easy Peel-OFF

CMC 77735: ETFE adhesive tape with an extremely aging-resistant, non-yellowing high-performance adhesive, stable protective cover with EASY Peel-OFF

ETFE repair set - now available in a practical format

1 x A4 sheet (design: parts gridded on A4 sheet) with various formats:

Dimensions approx .: 4 x 50 x 50 mm, 2 x 105 x 50 mm, 1 x 108 x 105 mm, 1 x 170 x 40 mm

 From 100 sheets (sets) individual dimensions possible

 uv resistant


 Easy Peel-OFF System

 immediate repair

 easy handling

ETFE Repair-Set

Areas of application of the ETFE repair tape and the ETFE repair set

ETFE Repair tape - architecture

ETFE Repair tape - architecture

When it comes to low weight, great design freedom and natural lighting, an ETFE film is often used. Repairing such structures with ETFE tape significantly reduces service costs. 

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ETFE Repair tape - green houses

ETFE Repair tape - green houses

CMC greenhouse tapes are strong adhesive tapes that are specially designed for the situation in greenhouses. ETFE adhesive tape for repair, maintenance and reinforcement of the foil roofing of greenhouses.

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ETFE Repair tape - solar modules

ETFE Repair tape - solar modules

Many device standards use storms of the century as the basis for design specifications. But even then, damage to the film and fabric tension or solar modules can occur. 

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