FORMEX type flame-retardant polypropylene insulation

CMC 278xx series – flame-retardant polypropylene (PP) – FORMEX® insulation film, up to 115 °C continuous operating temperature, particularly suitable for 3D punched parts.

Ideal, when:

  • flame-resistance classification in accordance with UL94-V0 is required

  • a maximum thermal stability of 115 °C is adequate

  • the material is to be used for 3D punched parts (folded, bent)

  • outstanding dielectric strength and tracking resistance is required (CTI=0)

  • good dimensional stability and very low water absorption are desirable

Formex® is particularly suitable for applications in ICT devices, power supply units, medical equipment, etc. For example, the material meets the requirements of DIN EN 60950, DIN EN 62368 and UL 60950 for insulation in devices (e.g. switching power supplies, insulation for 230 V connection to chassis) in relation to the minimum thickness of a single layer of insulation of 0.4 mm between live electrical parts and the ground. Formex PP is also ideal for making fire protection covers or fire barriers that would otherwise normally be made of sheet metal or injection-moulded parts. The cold-bending resistance (storage at -40 °C) is over 500 bends of 90°/170° without any anomalies for Formex® GK-30, for example – which means that Formex® is also suitable for applications in vehicle and rail technology, for instance. Many of the requirements of the UL 746 series of standards are also met.

The products are listed at UL under the number E121855 .

They comply with the RoHS European Directive and no prohibited halogen flame retardants are used.

 For more technical information: datasheet. 

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FORMEX type flame-retardant polypropylene insulation

Die-cut-parts for RM coil bodies

RM (rectangular module core) coils are characterised by very good transmission behaviour with good magnetic shielding. In the case of assembly on printed boards, it may be necessary to insulate the ferrite core from the conductor tracks that run underneath the core. Self-adhesive die-cut-parts made of CMC 27xxx Formex® are particularly suitable for this purpose.

This product series comprises material thicknesses of 0.127 mm to 1.57 mm. The polypropylene material used is UL-listed, has a very good CTI value of 0 and is classified as non-flammable in V0 under UL94. The continuous operating temperature is 115 °C and the material is RoHS-compatible.

The die-cut-parts are available adapted to the RM 12 and RM 14 design or, if required, punched in other sizes or shapes (from 1000 units).

Because of their self-adhesiveness, the die-cut-parts are easy to mount.

Formex Stanzteil Spulenkörper
Stanzteil RM Spulenkörper