Kapton® - Polyimidfilm and Kapton Adhesive Tape

Among high-performance films, Kapton® from DuPont is certainly at the top. This high-quality polyimide film has been produced for over 40 years. Kapton® films are characterised by very high quality, an absence of faults and the best chemical, physical and thermal properties characteristics. Compared to cheaper polyimide films, Kapton has the highest thermal resistance, as is confirmed by UL (E39505). Many polyimide films only have a classification for 130 °C (class B).

Advantages at a glance:

  • can be used up to 400 °C for short periods (e.g. spare capacity in the event of an overload)

  • can be used continuously from -268 °C to +240 °C (RTI)

  • classified V0 (non-flammable and self-extinguishing) under UL 94

  • outstanding chemical resistance and consistent mechanical properties in many areas

  • very good dielectric strength, even at high temperatures

  • is available in many different versions for a wide range of applications

  • We supply Kapton polyimide film and Kapton adhesive tape as rolls, sheets as well as die-cut-parts  

Kapton die-cut parts

Our Kapton Products: 

Kapton adhesive tape from CMC Klebetechnik

The high thermal resistance, combined with effective adhesives for (short-term) temperatures up to 350 °C, makes Kapton® adhesive tape attractive for high-temperature applications. The service life of a machine can also be increased dramatically by using Kapton® adhesive tapes. When equipped with a high-quality, fully cross-linked polysiloxane adhesive, Kapton® adhesive tapes also withstand stresses from caustic chemicals, weathering and high voltages, as are found in large transformers and electric motors.

We only use high-quality industrial adhesives based on solvents for the adhesive coating of the Kapton® adhesive tapes. This gives you a polyimide adhesive tape that optimally complements the positive properties of the Kapton® film: easy application thanks to instant bonding, exact dosage, high performance of the adhesives with very good resistance to impregnation. When used as a masking tape (eg reflow soldering), Kapton® adhesive tape from CMC can be removed again without residues. Whether one-sided or double-sided, whether only 25 μm thick polyimide film or up to multiple laminates made of 125 μm thick Kapton film: CMC supplies the right solution.

Kapton adhesive tape is used in applications of electronics, for lithium-ion batteries (eg pouch cells for electromobility, OBC, DC / DC, BMS), as a soldering cap in electronics manufacturing For applications in aircraft construction.

You will also find further information on our website: www.kapton-klebeband.de


The many different Kapton® variants are a significant advantage for the customer. They combine additional specific features with the already outstanding properties of the polyimide film and thus make adaptation to particular requirements easier:

  • Kapton® HN – standard version from DuPont

  • Kapton® MT– thermoconductive but electrically insulating

  • Kapton® BCLY* – yellow colored foil for high-temperature labels

  • Kapton® FWR* – better hydrolytically resistant Kapton films

  • Kapton® B* - black colored Kapton foil, electrically insulating

  • Kapton® FN* – one or two-sided, with FEP coated foil for wire insulation (thermoplastic bonding)

  • Kapton® XP* – one or two-sided, with PFA coated foil for wire insulation (thermoplastic bonding)

  • Kapton® HPP-ST* – improved mechanical stability, surface treatment

  • Kapton® RS* – electrically conductive Kapton foil with excellent thermal properties

CMC Klebetechnik supplies adhesive tapes, laminates, die-cut party and rolls from many of the above listed versions

(*) These versions are only available on request and with minimum quantities