Kapton® MT and MT+ - Films and Adhesive Tapes

Filled polyimide

Have excellent strength and resistance to high temperatures at low strength. The film is elastic and insensitive to point loads. They are self-adhesive and coated with heat-conducting wax (compensation of concave or convex housing deformations).

Although the specific thermal conductivity is comparatively low, Kapton® MT are ideally suited as heat conducting materials because of the low material thickness. They provide a reliable electrical insulation up to over 200 ° C. Coated with adhesive, Kapton MT stampings can be easily preassembled. Kapton® MT is insensitive to pressure, which has advantages with asymmetrical mounting.
A common application today is the connection of LEDs or lithium-ion batteries to heat sinks. In addition, Kapton® is an excellent flame retardant without the need to use the chlorine- or bromine-containing flame retardant!

Even better: KAPTON® MT+

The leading producer of high-performance foils in electronics, the company DuPont, has responded to the needs of the users: KAPTON® MT + is a heat-conducting variant of the high-performance material PI with the unique thermal conductivity of up to 1W / mK. This means that the user can use an extremely thin film (25 μm, 37.5 μm, 50 μm) which combines high thermal conductivity with excellent high breakdown voltage.

The film is also available in a self-adhesive version. The adhesive has a similar thermal conductivity as the film and is ideal for pre-assembly.

Here you can find our Kapton MT / MT + thermal-conducting films & tapes

KAPTON® MT+ the plus of thermal conduction

Plastic films have inherently low thermal conductivity. The specific thermal conductivity is about 0.1 to 0.25 W / mK. DuPont developed the Kapton MT product almost thirty years ago. This polyimide film is filled with a thermally conductive material. This results in a conductivity of more than 0.45 W / mK.

Since the beginning of 2016, DuPont has been offering the product Kapton® MT+ (TEMPRION™ EIF Y) The plus in the name indicates Kapton® MT+ Is twice as good conducting as the "normal" Kapton MT and around 5 times more conductive than Kapton® HN. Despite the high thermal conductivity (approx. 0.9 W / mK), the other physical properties such as temperature stability, stress resistance, mechanical stability and aging resistance are very small.

Kapton® MT+ With its twice as high thermal conductivity, means greater power density, better heat dissipation and longer component life in its devices and systems. For example, with an electric heater, you can transfer more power to the cooling ribs or use less energy with the same heat output in the airflow.

Electronic components (power transistors, capacitors) are not so heavily loaded or better heat-treated, which significantly increases the service life (thumb rule: + 10 ° C = half life). The same applies to the electric drive train in the automobile, where highly dynamic temperature changes also have a mechanical effect. These stresses, which arise not only from the vibrations, but are based in particular on the different coefficients of expansion, Can be compensated for by permanent adhesives from CMC Klebetechnik.

Kapton® MT+: Double thermal conductivity without compromise!

DuPont polyimide film for electric motors, transformers, power semiconductors such as diodes and transistors (SiC, MOSFET, IGBT, ...), for improved heat dissipation of lithium-ion battery packs, heaters and lighting technology. For electronics manufacturers, contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies (EMS production, custom-made) and in repair: Kapton® stands for highest quality and performance.

The foil is available in thicknesses of 0.025 mm, 0.050 mm, 0.075 mm and 0.125 mm. Especially the 125μm variant is also extremely robust (contamination by processing processes, for example sawing of heat sinks).

All Kapton® MT + variants have at least twice the thermal conductivity compared to Kapton® MT and almost 8 times the thermal conductivity of Kapton® HN (standard version). In addition, Kapton® MT + has a significantly improved resistance to corona and partial discharge loads.

All film thicknesses can also be made with adhesive or with a heat transfer wax coating (PCM, phase change material) - please ask.

Kapton® is registered trademark of DuPont

Kapton MT elektrisch isoliert

Electrically insulating

Good dielectric values ​​coupled with good thermal conductivity

Kapton MT+ für LED

Thermal-conducting solutions for modern lighting

Kapton MT + - the ideal solution for heat-conducting insulation in LED technology

Kapton MT+ mit Wärmeleitkleber

Kapton MT+ with thermal-conducting adhesive

Thermal conductivity up to 1 W/mK