Kapton® MT - Films and Adhesive Tapes

Filled polyimide

Have excellent strength and resistance to high temperatures at low strength. The film is elastic and insensitive to point loads. They are self-adhesive and coated with heat-conducting wax (compensation of concave or convex housing deformations).

Although the specific thermal conductivity is comparatively low, Kapton® MT are ideally suited as heat conducting materials because of the low material thickness. They provide a reliable electrical insulation up to over 200 ° C. Coated with adhesive, Kapton MT stampings can be easily preassembled. Kapton® MT is insensitive to pressure, which has advantages with asymmetrical mounting.
A common application today is the connection of LEDs or lithium-ion batteries to heat sinks. In addition, Kapton® is an excellent flame retardant without the need to use the chlorine- or bromine-containing flame retardant!

Here you can find our Kapton MT thermal-conducting films & tapes
Kapton MT elektrisch isoliert

Good dielectric values ​​coupled with good thermal conductivity

Kapton MT+ für LED

Thermal-conducting solutions for modern lighting

Kapton MT + - the ideal solution for heat-conducting insulation in LED technology

Kapton MT+ mit Wärmeleitkleber

Kapton MT+ with thermal-conducting adhesive

Thermal conductivity up to 1 W/mK