Adhesive tape dispensers are an excellent tool for automating parts of repetitive sticking tasks. Thanks to the freely adjustable dispensing length and the programming functions offered by a number of the machines, integration into workstations is possible in a wide variety of ways. The advantages include time saving, precise dispensing with no waste, no dirt from “pre-cut strips of tape on the edge of the table”, automated counting and dimensional accuracy.

The strong adhesive tape dispensers (tape dispensers) have a universal design. Nevertheless, situations often crop up in which the material is very narrow or unstable, for example.

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Special Solutions and accessories

such as large industrial tape dispensers or frictional advance pull-off for adhesive tapes with very strong pull-off force, are available.

We can modify machines specifically to suit your materials, e.g. special rollers, a more powerful motor, etc. an extensive range of accessories is also available for the machines, e.g. Separate machine and roll holders for angled positioning of the machines, Accommodation of rolls with a large external diameter, Spooling mechanisms for any liners/backings.  

Technical Support

Patrick Süß

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support:

Patrick Süß

Tel.: 06233 872 359


We offer a comprehensive service for all devices: 
suitability tests, customized solutions as well as repairs and the supply of spare parts.

If you are in any doubt, you can send us a roll of the material to be dispensed – we will check the suitability of the machines for you free of charge.