Nitto Denko Corporation is one of the largest adhesive tape manufacturer of the world. The multinational company was founded in Japan in 1918 and operates more than 120 business units around the world. For more information, please visit the Nitto website.

CMC Klebetechnik is an authorized distributor of Nitto Denko adhesive tapes. These tapes extend the broad range of adhesive tapes from CMC Klebetechnik substantial and enable us to supply our customers for nearly every application with the right self-adhesive tape. The range of products cover

  • Acrylic foam adhesive tapes of the Hyperjoint series

  • Thermal conductive adhesive tapes of the TR series

  • Double-sided and transfer adhesive tapes

 HYPERJOINT® - High Bonding Acrylic Foam Double Coated Tape

 NEW: HYPERJOINT® - GH-Series in white, black and transparent

 Thermal conductive, double-sided adhesive Tapes - TR-Series

 Transfer adhesive tape D9500

 Double-coated tape 5015E 

 Flame-retardant Double Sided Tape 5011N

 Double-sided adhesive tape D9605

 Transfer tape Nitto 5005T

 Transfer tape Nitto EST

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HYPERJOINT® - High Bonding Acrylic Foam Double Coated Tape

Nitto Denko H7000, H8000 and H9000 Series are double-sided adhesive tapes with superior adhesion, good heat resistance and exceptional durability. They are made of a flexible 100% acrylic foam adhesive. The adhesive tapes have a vibration damping effect and can also be used as a gasket (e.g. covers of housings). Thanks to the industrial-grade adhesive used, the adhesive tapes achieve the highest adhesive forces even on low-energy surfaces. They have extremely good shear resistance even at elevated temperatures of up to 100 ° C.

New: HYPERJOINT® - GH-Series in white, black and transparent

Nitto has once again expanded the existing range of double-sided high-performance adhesive tapes (H series). The acrylic foam adhesive tapes combine very high bond strengths with a very good shear resistance on a variety of substrates. The new GH series can now be purchase in white, black or transparent to suit the application. The transparent version in particular can be used to produce almost invisible adhesive bonds.

Especially the transparent version considerably expands the possibilities of the Hyperjoint series. With it, transparent objects such as glass dividers, facade components, glass doors or backlit advertising surfaces can be glued almost invisibly. The GH series is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Thermal conductive, double-sided adhesive Tapes  - TR-Series

The thermal conductive adhesive tapes of the TR series are characterized by their good thermal conductivity and high adhesion strength. As a result they can also be used as fastener. The material thickness of up to 0.5 mm compensates slight tolerances and unevenness. The adhesive wets the surface optimal and displaces air from the heat path. The dielectric strength is absolutely sufficient for normal applications in low- and higher voltage levels. The tapes are RoHS compliant according to the manufacturer and some tapes are  UL94-V0 listed. Few of the thermal conductive adhesive tapes are listed under UL file E52859.

 Thermal Management

Transfer adhesive Tape - D9500

Nitto D9500 transfer tape consists of a flame retardant pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive, intended for use as a general mounting tape where flame retardancy is required.

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Double-coated Tape 5015E

Nitto double-coated tape 5015E consists of a non-woven fleece carrier, coated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive used for a wide variety of mounting applications. The double-sided tape supports the flexibility of e.g. fabrics and textiles.

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Flame-retardant (UL94 VTM-0) Double Sided Tape 5011N

Flame-retardant double sided adhesive tape. No.5011N double sided adhesive tape conforms to flame retardancy standards. Our No.5011N flame-retardant double sided adhesive tape is UL94 VTM-0 certified.

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Double Sided adhesive tape D9605 

This transparent adhesive tape has been developed for requirements that require particularly good adhesion even under difficult environmental conditions. D9605 adheres particularly well to high-energy surfaces such as PMMA, PC, ABS, glass or metal surfaces. Excellent values ​​up to 10N / 10mm are achieved. Because of its good resistance to aging, the double-sided adhesive tape is used, for example, in the automotive industry and in furniture production (trim strips). The 0.050 mm thick polyester film carrier gives D9605 high mechanical dimensional stability and prevents shrinkage after assembly. Thanks to the relatively thick application of adhesive, D9605 also anchors very well on rough surfaces. Operating temperatures of more than 120 ° C are possible (SAFT = temperature at which adhesive fails under shear load: 185 ° C [@ 225mm², 200gr]).

Nitto D9605 is available in two versions:

  • with silicone paper (90 gr / m²)

  • with good punchable PE coated paper (125 gr / m²)

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Transfer tape 5005T 

Nitto 5005T(P) are a kind of transfer tapes made of a pressure sensitive modified acrylic adhesive without a supporting layer. They are intended for use as a general mounting tape where a particular high adhesion level on low surface energy substrates is required. The ‘P’ version is used when a moisture-stable liner is needed.

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Transfer tape Nitto EST

Nitto EST-805(DL) is a transfer tape made of a pure pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. It is intended for use as a general mounting tape where a particular high adhesion level on high surface energy substrates is required. 

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