The principle of coating

The majority of films and textiles are coated using the Meyer-Bar principle at CMC Klebetechnik. In this process, the material to be coated passes through an “adhesive bath”. The film or the textile picks up a certain amount of adhesive solution as it does so. In accordance with the established Mayer-Bar process, the excess adhesive is then wiped off in the adjustable gap.

This method allows an extremely wide range of materials to be coated with a very flexible coating weight. In most cases, the coating weight is determined more by the amount of solvent to be evaporated and the drying properties than by the process used.

Alternatively, the fixed doctor edge can be a bar with a regular structure. In the case of a so-called doctor roll, the wire diameter is one of the factors that determines the coating weight.

By using templates, striped coatings are also possible (in other words, areas with no adhesive next to coated areas; striped coating)

Here you can find out more about our customized coatings and coating techniques.

Das Prinzip der Beschichtung

Mayer Rod

Another method used widely at CMC, in addition to the comma blade, is the wire doctor roll.

Here the coating mass is applied to the film via a paddle shaft and the surplus mass is scraped off by a wire doctor.

Mayer Rod