PTFE Adhesive Tapes

Polytetraflourethylene (PTFE) is characterised by its extremely high chemical resistance. High thermal resistance and very good dielectric strength (even with corona discharge) complete the advantages of this product family. Teflon adhesive tape is also a familiar name in the industrial field.

The films are used e.g. in mould making as a separating film because of their very smooth and repellent surface, which has a non-stick effect. They can also be used as a film to reduce frictional resistance between sliding surfaces or as high-quality electrical insulation.

PTFE Adhesive Tape
Properties and Applications 

CMC 75100
​PTFE-Adhesive Tape 
Colour: grey 
Liner: Silicone Paper

Adhesive: on one side Acrylate

Substrate Thickness: 0,100 mm
Total Thickness: 0,130 mm
Chemical-resistant PTFE tape for sealing and as an anti-stick surface against various adhesive materials, very good corrosion resistance (insulation).
The film was equipped on one side with a very cohesive, chemically very stable, weather-resistant acrylic adhesive, which is also very suitable for long-term applications under maximum thermal load (Thermal class H).
PTFE films have an extremely low sliding resistance. The chemically extremely resistant polytetrafluoroethylene film is also used as a seal for containers in the chemical industry or as wall linings in paint shops. In mold making, the PTFE film facilitates the molding of e.g. GRP, CFK or concrete components. The acrylic adhesive facilitates the fixation and provides a reliable hold.
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CMC 76700
​PTFE, glass fiber reinforcement 
Colour: grey

Adhesive: on one side Polysiloxane

Substrate Thickness: 0,130 mm
Total Thickness: 0,160 mm
​​Tear-resistant PTFE film for sliding surfaces with increased mechanical load or high temperature effect (film welding devices)
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