Large electric currents cause heat loss. The general rule is that a temperature increase of 10°C halves the average life of a component! Thermal management aims to ensure effective dissipation of heat lost from the semiconductor material into the environment, thus extending the life of your equipment or components.

CMC Klebetechnik offers a comprehensive range of thermally conductive electrical insulation films, which simultaneously act as galvanic insulation in power electronics. Here your can find more Information about Thermal Management, heat transfer and thermal conductivity.

Wärmeleitfolien und Klebebänder

Films & Adhesive Tapes

Filled Polyimide films They have an excellent dielectric strength at low thickness and can withstand high temperatures. The films are elastic and resistant to point loads.  Kapton® MT and Kapton® MT+ are filled Polyimide films.

Metal and graphite foils are electrically and thermally conductive. Graphite films have a very good thermal conductivity. Copper- or Aluminium Foils are used as heat spreaders. They distribute the punctual heat generation of a hot spot onto a larger area.

Silikonfolien zur Wärmeleitung

Silicone Films

Silicone Films and Gap-Filler are elastic and smooth out surface irregularities well. The transfer of heat from one surface to the next is dramatically improved. The silicone films are available in different thicknesses, in a wide range of hardness and with different thermal conductivity. This means they can be adapted to the respective installation situation, such as the pressure or the mechanical distance to be bridged



Gap fillers are particularly suitable for the thermal connections of complete circuit boards and very uneven surfaces. These Gap fillers bridge gaps and flow perfectly into the gaps between components. In this way, a substantially greater heat-conductive contact area is achieved than with the use of rigid materials.