Thermal Management - Thermally conductive Films and adhesive tapes

Thermally conductive films and adhesive tapes require less space because of their low thickness. They have a high breakdown voltage and are di-mensionally stable under pressure. Therefore the films are not influenced by mechanical stress.

Available as rolls, individual parts or kiss cut parts on rolls as well as on sheets.


Thermal coupling of e.g. LEDs, MOSFETs, IGBTs, diodes, rectifier, electronic modules, inverters, transistors, engine controls, automotive applications, solar technology, converters, rectifiers, Six pulse thyristor controlled rectifiers, voltage source rectifiers  

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Wärmeleitfolien und Klebebänder

Our Thermally conductive Films and adhesive tapes  

*Other adhesive coatings possible

Other thicknesses and specifications on request.

Adhesive Tape Kapton® MT 

"AC-adhesives (acrylate adhesives)", "phase-change (over melting layer about 55 ° C)" and "PS-adhesives (high-temperature adhesives)" can be combined freely. The most common variants are:

Substrate Film
Kapton MT 25µm Kapton MT 50µm
​thermally conductive adhesiv tape, acrylic adhesive on one side CMC 73250
CMC 73550
​Phase-Change coating on one side CMC 73240
CMC 73540
acrylic adhesive on one side, ​Phase-Change coating on the other side, thermally conductive CMC 73245
CMC 73545
thermally conductive Polysiloxane-Adhesive, on one side CMC 73260
CMC 73560

A very thin foil with excellent electrical properties: between -50 ° C and max. 250 ° C (PS adhesive).