Adhesive tapes for thermal class F - up to a continuous temperature of 155°C

The adhesive tapes in heat class F withstand temperatures of approx. -20 °C to 155 °C in continuous operation. Mainly Kapton®, Nomex®, glass fabric and Teonex® adhesive tapes are available in this heat class. Special versions are also available on request. For further information, contact our sales team.

In thermal class F, besides the classical insulation materials glass fabric, Nomex® and Kapton®, the Teonex® film is also available. 
Originally, the material was developed for high-quality Flexible Printed Circuits and is now widely used as an aroma barrier in PET plastic bottles. PEN (Polyethernaphtalate) is distinguished by a higher temperature resistance compared to polyester (155 ° C constant temperature instead of 130 ° C) in the electrical sector. 
Teonex® is also superior to the classic polyester (Mylar®, Hostaphan®) under difficult conditions (dirt, moisture), since it is more stable and diffusion-proof. Polyester adhesive tapes and Teonex adhesive tapes do not differ from the processing.

For class F insulation systems, the CMC 61xxx (CMC 61100, CMC 61200) adhesive tapes are the right solution.

Breakdown voltage (Veff)​

CMC 19708
Nomex® / Glass cloth
Colour: white 

UL 510

​Total thickness: ca. 0,280 mm
​3.000 Extremely robust laminate made from saturable Nomex​® with fibreglass reinforcement. Extremely high power reserve even in the event of a fault.

CMC 61100
Teonex® (PEN) 
Colour: colourless
Adhesive: Acrylate
UL 510

Substrate thickness: 0,025 mm​ 
​Total thickness: 0,070 mm
Processing similar to polyester adhesive tape, but higher temperature resistance by Teonex ® film, good impregnation resistance, supple adhesive

CMC 61200
​​​​​Teonex® / Glass cloth Colour: white 
Adhesive: Acrylate

 UL 510

​Substrate thickness: 0,140 mm​ 
​Total thickness: 0,250 mm
Like CMC 61100, but by the glass fabric considerably tear-resistant, good tension resistance by Teonex®, penetration-proof for high mechanical protection

CMC 65120
Nomex® 410 (Polyaramid) 
Colour: chamois 
Adhesive: Acrylate

Substrate thickness: 0,050 mm​ 
to 0,180 mm

Good toughness, good resistance to oils, impregnating agents and varnishes, excellent properties of Nomex®, very temperature-resistant adhesive tape

CMC 65758
Nomex® E56A (Polyaramid) 
Colour: chamois 
Adhesive: Acrylate

​​​Substrate thickness: 0,180 mm​ 
Total thickness: 0,225 mm
Nomex® E56A, adhesive tape with good impregnation, generators, motors and transformers

CMC 65838
Polyester / Nomex® 410 Colour: chamois 
Adhesive: rubber

Substrate thickness: 0,090 mm​ 
Total thickness: 0,135 mm
​Thin laminate made of Nomex® 410 and polyester film, tear resistant and good tension resistance. (Thermal class F: In impregnated condition)

CMC 80725
Colour: white 
Adhesive: Acrylat

Substrate thickness: 0,060 mm​ 
Total thickness: 0,160 mm
ca. 500
Stripe-coated, impregnatable polyester fleece; popular adhesive tape for coil head tape bindings, phase separation and coil ends

CMC 80736
​Polyester flece 
Colour: white 
Adhesive: Acrylat

Total thickness: 0,140 mm
- ​CMC 80736 is a stripe-coated adhesive tape for coil head tape bindings, phase separation and coil ends. When combined with a thermal class F impregnating resin this fleece tape is also suitable for class F. 

CMC 84160
Glass cloth
Colour: white
Adhesive: rubber

Substrate thickness: 0,120 mm​ 
Total thickness: 0,180 mm
ATTENTION: UL: only Class B (test method dependent). Robust self adhesive tape based on glass cloth for use in transformer and motor construction (bundling and insulating). Good initial tack and good adhesion to its own backing.

CMC 84170
​​​Glass cloth 
Colour: white 
Adhesive: Acrylat 

UL 510

​​​​​​Substrate thickness: 0,120 mm​ 
Total thickness: 0,200 mm
Due to the acrylate adhesive better impregnation resistance of the glass cloth adhesive tape. Use e.g. In pole shoes, frequency converters, line filters, high-voltage net transformers, positioning transformers, spar transformer, generally as winding head tape. Very temperature resistant adhesive tape

CMC 86709
filament reinforced polyester tape 
Colour: colourless 
Adhesive: Acrylat
High-tear-resistant adhesive tape by filamentary filaments, resistant to oil, use in transformer and engine construction

CMC 77700
Colour: colourless 
Adhesive: Polysiloxan 

UL 510

Substrate thickness: 0,100 mm​ 
Total thickness: 0,160 mm
CMC 77700 is an excellent insulating tape. ETFE, like all fluoropolymers, has excellent aging resistance and very good leakage current resistance. Therefore, this adhesive tape is particularly suitable for high-voltage insulation and as an insulating material in the exterior.

UL: #E93622 - UL 510 flame retardant

Data on the breakdown voltage are always applied at an operating frequency of 50/60 Hz. At higher frequencies, the voltage resistance is reduced depending on the material.