Adhesive tapes for thermal class H - up to an continuous temperature of 180°C

An adhesive tape in heat class H must be able to withstand particularly high thermal loads. We therefore use only first-class original products from reputable manufacturers of Kapton®, Nomex® and glass fabric. For applications that require, for example, a higher corona resistance (tracking resistance), we also offer Kapton® CR adhesive tape and various fluoropolymer adhesive tapes (FEP, PTFE) on request.

Substrate thickness/
Total thickness
voltage (Veff.)
​CMC 65120
​​​​Nomex® 410 (Polyaramid) Colour: chamois 
Adhesive: Acrylate 

UL 510 flame retardant
Substrate: 0,050 mm 
Total: 0,110 mm
High temperature resistant and chemical-resistant meta-aramid paper Nomex® with high dielectric resistance. For transformer and motor construction, e.g. Rod anchor wrapping or phase insulation in traction machine construction, repair operations (also in 0.080, 0.130 and 0.180 mm)
CMC 70100
Kapton® (Polyimid) 
Colour: brown
Adhesive: Acrylate 

UL 510
​​Substrate: 0,025 mm
Total: 0,055 mm
​≥ 6.000
​Kapton® is an excellent insulation film for the highest requirements. High breakdown voltage, good mechanical properties even at high temperatures, Kapton® is flame-retardant according to UL 94 V0 Space-saving adhesive tape insulation in the high-temperature range
CMC 70105
​Kapton® (Polyimid) 
Colour: brown
Adhesive: Acrylate 

UL 510 flame retardant
​​​Substrate: 0,050 mm
Total: 0,080 mm
​Kapton adhesive tape such as CMC 70100, but higher tensile strength due to thicker film, standard Kapton adhesive tape with permanent acrylic adhesive; Very temperature resistant adhesive tape
​CMC 70110
Kapton® (Polyimid) 
Colour: brown
Adhesive: Polysiloxane 

UL 510 flame retardant
​​​​Substrate: 0,025 mm
Total: 0,065 mm
Universal, high-temperature Kapton® insulation tape for the most stringent requirements, can be rebuilt, e.g. As a temporary solder mask or covering strip for gold fingers on printed circuit boards, only low outgassing during autoclave processes
CMC 70115
Kapton® (Polyimid) 
Colour: brown
Adhesive: Polysiloxane
​​​​​Substrate: 0,050 mm
Total: 0,100 mm
​Such as CMC 70110, but with a thicker Kapton® film, high temperature resistant tape, e.g. As a temporary solder mask or coverband for gold fingers
CMC 72110
Aptiv™ (PEEK) 
Colour: beige
Kleber: Polysiloxan
​​​​​​Substrate: 0,025 mm
Total: 0,065 mm
4.000 Very good chemical resistant film with minimum water absorption and good temperature and chemical resistance
​CMC 84150
Glass cloth
Colour: white
Adhesive: Polysiloxane 

UL 510 flame retardant
Substrate: 0,120 mm
Total: 0,180 mm
Suitable for higher temperatures due to the polysiloxane adhesive Transformer and motor construction, generally as winding head tape, very temperature resistant adhesive tape
CMC 75100
Colour: grey
Adhesive: Acrylate
​​​​​​​​Substrate: 0,130 mm
Total: 0,130 mm

PTFE adhesive tape with good chemical resistance and antiadhesive surface, used e.g. as separating film in mould construction (composites). Also ideal for giving areas (e.g. of a transport route) sliding features.
​CMC 77700
Hostaflon® ET (ETFE) 
Colour: colourless
Adhesive: Polysiloxane
​​​​​​​​​Substrate: 0,100 mm
Total: 0,160 mm

Extremely weatherproof adhesive tape for repairing film roofs and membraneous pads made from ETFE; no yellowing, extremely resistant to ageing
CMC 76700
PTFE, glass fiber reinforced
Colour: grey
Adhesive: Polysiloxane
​​​​​​​​​​Substrate: 0,130 mm
Strong adhesive tape based on a glass cloth PTFE composite, coated on one side with a silicone adhesive resistant against high temperatures and aggressive media. Repellent PTFE backing for the application as a release surface in heat sealing e.g.

UL: #E93622 - UL 510 flame retardant

Data on the breakdown voltage are always applied at an operating frequency of 50/60 Hz. At higher frequencies, the voltage resistance is reduced depending on the material.

Kapton® is a product of the company DuPont and has distinguished itself for over 40 years by its constant, excellent quality. The polyimide films meet all requirements of UL 746, UL 94 and UL 510. Kapton can be used continuously up to 350 ° C and has the best chemical and physical resistance. Together with the acrylate adhesive, Kapton can be permanently used as e.g. Insulation foils can be fixed on different surfaces. Along with the polysiloxane adhesive, Kapton adhesive tapes can also be used re-releasably (e.g., as a protective film in high temperature applications).

Nomex® is also a product of DuPont and combines good properties, it is is very easy to saturate and impregnate and high resistance to moisture, chemicals and temperature.